[Can pregnant women drink cock soup]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

[Can pregnant women drink cock soup]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

Southerners like to drink soup very much. They like to put food together to drink soup. In this way, the nutrients in the food can be dissolved in the soup and easier for the body to absorb.

Many people like to cook chicken and some qi-enriched food together in a casserole to cook. Generally people eat hen meat. Can pregnant women drink cock soup?

Let’s take a closer look.

First, can pregnant women drink chicken soup? Pregnant women can drink chicken soup. Pregnant women drinking chicken soup is good for the body, because chicken contains traces of substitutes, which can be protein and a variety of minerals.

No impact on food.

When pregnant women are drinking chicken soup, they can remove the chicken skin and their aunts.

The pregnancy diet is particularly important for protein absorption, not only can meet the protein needs of pregnant women, but also promote the growth and development of organs and tissues, especially the value-added of brain cells, and promote intellectual development.

For women who have a cold during breastfeeding, taking chicken soup can promote recovery.

In addition, pregnant women drink plenty of soup, and also prepare for postpartum milk production, which can help pregnant women to postpartum milk, so that the baby has enough milk to drink.

In addition to supplementing a sufficient amount of protein, pregnant women also need to add various vitamins, calcium and iron elements, a balanced diet for pregnant women and fetal development.

Second, the benefits of drinking chicken soup for pregnant women1. Supplementary nutrition The chicken and other ingredients in the chicken soup have high nutritional value. When the chicken soup is cooked at home, the nutrients contained in chicken oil, chicken skin, chicken, and chicken bone chicken soup can be dissolved in the soupMost of the chicken oils in this category are saturated fatty acids (the higher the degree of fatty acid unsaturation, the higher the nutritional value), which can provide nutrition for pregnant women.

2. Improving the resistance of chicken soup has the characteristics of improving the immune function of the human body. Pregnant women usually drink chicken soup more often.

Especially when returning to Nantian, some pregnant women are susceptible to colds but dare not take medicine. At this time, you can choose to drink chicken.

Chicken soup can reduce the effect of inhibiting the production of mucous membranes, reduce nasal blockage and throat pain, and allow the body to recover quickly.

3, pregnant women drink chicken soup 5-7 days postpartum can give milk after delivery if there is less milk, you can use less estrogen soup to promote milk.

Rooster soup can be made for the mother (don’t pick hens).

The androgen contained in the rooster body has an anti-estrogen effect, so drinking a bowl of stewed rooster soup has great benefits for milk secretion.

And the cock has too much feces in the early rooster, which helps to prevent postpartum excess and the baby’s nutritional absorption.

However, it should be noted that drinking chicken soup and breastfeeding should take 5 days after giving birth. Because the mother is weak in the first few days after giving birth, she should drink more brown sugar water, millet porridge and other hot foods. Chicken soup should be given within 5 days after giving birth., Drink when milk starts to secrete.

4. Chickens with adjustable postpartum diseases are rich in nutritional value, especially black chickens, which contain lysine, methionine and histidine, which are indispensable to the human body, and have nourishing medicinal value.