[Encyclopedia of de-fire porridge]_ production method _ home practice

[Encyclopedia of de-fire porridge]_ production method _ home practice

The symptom of getting angry is more common in life, mainly related to our habits. Especially friends who like to stay up late are more likely to get angry, and improper diet can also cause getting angry, so everyone shouldKnow how to treat the symptoms of anger.

For the case of getting angry, you can use de-fired porridge for conditioning. Certain porridges, horseshoe porridge, etc., white porridge is also suitable for conditioning the stomach.

Run the lungs to fire gold juice jade satin material round butt dripping Lingling dripping radish half, the amount of honey practice 1.

Wash and peel the radish and shred 2.

Simmer in the pot, add a little salt, and simmer the shredded carrot 3.

Drip a lot of shredded radish and let dry.

Cool and drip the shredded radish in the bowl, oh, isn’t it like jade satin?

Add some honey and mix well before you start eating!

Ingredients for light soup: 200 grams of clams, 1 piece of tofu, seasoning: 1/2 piece of ginger, chives, salt, pepper.

Method: 1. Wash the clams (give them first with water), and one piece of tender tofu (soak in salt water for 3-5 minutes, cut into dices, ginger slices, green onions, and shallots, and cut them for later use; 2.Ignite, add water and ginger slices. After the water is half boiled, throw the clams into the pot; 3. Put tofu after cooking, cook for 1 minute, season with cooking wine, pepper, salt, and sprinkle with chivesAt the end.

Boat congee porridge White rice porridge, scallops, rice noodles or vermicelli, catfish, peanuts, pork belly, egg yolks, fritters, salt, chicken flour, shallots, ginger, coriander, raw soy sauce method 1. Soak scallops in warm water,Remove old tendons and scatter.

2. Scrub the pork belly with salt and raw powder and cut into thumb-sized strips.

3. Peanut kernels are added to boiling water and boiled. Remove and dry; add oil to a pan and fry until golden brown. Drain the oil.

4. The rice noodles are fried by boiling; in this frying process, it is recommended to put an appropriate amount of rice noodles in a ravioli, and then add the ravioli to the oil pan together. When the rice noodles come into contact with the boiling oil, they will swell, like a popcorn.

At this time, immediately remove the cricket fence from the pan.

You can also fry the dough at this time, and then cut it into flakes with a top knife. If the dough is deep fried, fine slag will be scattered during the cutting. Don’t throw it and keep it together for future use.

5. When the white rice porridge is cooked to 60%, add pork belly sticks and scallops, and continue to cook with low heat.

6. Wash and cut the anchovies into slices, spread them on the bottom of the bowl, spread the egg yolks into the egg pan, and shred them for future use.

7. At this point, the porridge is almost fully cooked. The aroma of pork belly and scallops should have overflowed. Turn off the heat, season the salt in the porridge, chicken powder and raw soy sauce.

8. Add the remaining ingredients except fried peanuts to the porridge bowl, pour the porridge into the porridge bowl, wait for a while, stir it with a spoon, and sprinkle a few grains of fried peanuts on the porridge.Cut the ginger into shredded ginger and add coriander.

A bowl of crunchy, soft and smooth mouthwatering boat congee is done.