[Does garlic garlic impotence]_ Recommended diet

[Does garlic garlic impotence]_ Recommended diet

Many foods in life have the effect of aphrodisiac, such as leek, and of course there is one dish you are not very familiar with, that is garlic.

Many people subconsciously believe that garlic has anti-cancer effects, but they do not know that it also has aphrodisiac effects. Garlic aphrodisiac is mainly because garlic can effectively supplement the necessary substances, can improve kidney deficiency, effectively promote sperm production, so thatThe number of sperm has increased dramatically.

Of course, many people ca n’t stand the taste of raw garlic, and they have the recipe of garlic sparkling wine, and the aphrodisiac effect of this recipe will be even better, because wine has a certain excitatory effect, and garlic is in alcoholUnder the chemical action, it can produce a substance called allicin n, which has antiplatelet coagulation effect.

Preparation method of garlic sparkling wine Preparation materials: 2000 grams of grain liquor, 1000 grams of garlic head Production process: garlic is cut directly, left for about 15 minutes, then put in liquor, sealed, placed in a cool and ventilated place, spring and summerSoak for about 3 days, soak for a week in autumn and winter.

The vessel is preferably glass, and the liquor is between 40-60 degrees.

Take 2 to 4 cloves of garlic, garlic wine and 30 ml at a time.

Can garlic sparkling wine be eaten for a long time?

Excessive consumption of garlic can damage eyes. Liquor and garlic are warm in nature. Do not consume too much in daily consumption, so as to avoid liver injury, eye injury, and getting angry, which will increase the body’s hot air, which is not good for your health.

What to do if garlic eats bad breath. After eating garlic, you can feel the smell of garlic. You can try to chew a few peanuts, because peanuts contain a variety of natural aromatic substances and the smell is fresh and natural.Close to nature.

The effectiveness of garlic sparkling wine Garlic sparkling wine has only sufficient aphrodisiac effects, anti-platelet coagulation, can prevent trace deposition in blood vessels, promote the enhancement of micro-metabolism inside tissues, and enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, so garlic garlic liquorPreventive effect Stacks up in blood vessels and prevents thrombosis.

It also promotes the metabolism of the human body, has the effect of promoting blood circulation and beauty, and can strengthen the human body’s immunity.